Staff Profile for Ceri Evans

Ceri Evans
Senior Supplier and Procurement Specialist
01248 38 3766

Ceri Evans joined the Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies (ICPS) from Cardiff Business School in January 2009 and was the first member of staff employed by the Founding Director of the Institute, Professor Dermot Cahill.

Ceri has proved instrumental over the years in securing substantial grant funding for the Institute and has led a number of successful major research grant bids including £2.2m from the EU’s Ireland/Wales INTERREG Programme in 2010 (with Prof Cahill) for the “Winning in Tendering” project. He has also brought-in significant additional funding through winning a number of prestigious public sector contracts to engage in procurement research.

Ceri’s main research interests remain rooted in SME interaction in public procurement and he has authored a number of influential reports and publications in this area. For example, he was one of the authors of the Welsh Government “Barriers to Procurement Opportunity” report. The recommendations from this report are currently being implemented by the Welsh Government’s Value Wales division which adopted the report as government policy in 2012. He has also authored reports on a variety of other elements of SME friendly procurement, including: public procurer feedback processes, E-Procurement, and tendering support mechanisms. He was recently lead author in developing a Full Business Case involving 3 local authorities adopting a shared procurement service operating model incorporating Category Management.

Ceri has been particularly active in developing methodologies to help the SME sector engage more successfully in public procurement. For instance, as part of the “Winning in Tendering” project, Ceri led the work package to develop and deliver a Tender Review Service (TRS) to over 200 SMEs and Third Sector organisations. An independent evaluation of the TRS by Loxley Consulting (2014) stated:  “The evaluation has identified significant evidence of the wider impact of the TRS on SMEs throughout the region.  Responses to TRS follow-up surveys show that beneficiaries are achieving significantly higher tender success rates than before receiving TRS support; in many cases these are double the success rates of a year earlier.”

The Tender Review methodology has since been adopted by the Canadian and Welsh Government’s. The winner of the Welsh Government National Procurement Award category for “Most Improved Supplier in Tendering” in 2013 and 2014 were both beneficiaries of the TRS. The TRS was also runner-up in the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Award 2013 category for “Best Procurement Project” and was selected as one of the best papers from the 5th International Public Procurement Conference held in Seattle, USA in August 2012. Ceri has also developed an innovative tendering training methodology to enable suppliers to understand the procurer/evaluator perspective, as well as common weaknesses to avoid in tendering.

Ceri is a fully qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and a PRINCE 2 Practitioner. He is regularly consulted by governments, public bodies, institutions and business organisations on public procurement and tendering issues and is regularly invited to speak at major national and international conferences on these issues.

Ceri is currently researching how high potential start-up organisations across Europe interface with public procurement via a major EU-funded innovation and competitiveness project (the TESLA project). 

Publications and Reports

  • Evans, C (2012) 'Public Sector tendering Challenges for SMEs, Procurer Feedback Provision and Tendering Support Mechanisms: Insights from the Welsh Tender Review Service', in Albano, G., Snider, K., & Thai, K. (eds), Charting a Course in Public Procurement Innovation and Knowledge Sharing, (PrAcademics Press), ISBN: 0-9668864-7-x.

  • Cahill, D. and Evans, C. ‘Feedback Vital for effective Welsh Public Procurement’, The Welsh Agenda, Institute of Welsh Affairs, in Osmond, J. (Eds), pp.38-49, Issue 47, June 2012.

  • Evans C. and Cahill, D. ‘Tender Evaluation Analysis’ report for Gwynedd Council, April 2014.

  • Jones, C., Evans, C., and Cahill, D. ‘Location Strategy Economic Appraisal Research’, report for Welsh Government, June 2012.

  • Evans, C. and Clifford, G. ‘Quality of Feedback provided by Purchasers research’, report for Welsh Government, March 2012.

  • Cahill, D. and Evans, C. et al. ‘Barriers to Procurement Opportunity’, report for Welsh Government, April 2009.

  • Lead Author for ICPS for the ‘Three Counties Procurement Service: Full Business Case’ report for Gwynedd, Denbighshire and Flintshire County Councils, April 2014.

  • Lead Author for the ‘Advanced How to Tender’ report for Welsh Government, 2014.

  • Lead Author for the ‘E-Procurement’ report for Welsh Government, 2014.

Selected Conference Papers

  • Evans, C. and Parfett, M. ‘The Uptake of eGovernment Services by rural SMEs’, Rural Futures: Dreams, Dilemmas, Dangers – Conference Compilation, University of Plymouth, 10 April 2008.

  • Evans, C ‘Preparing SME Suppliers for Sustainable Local Authority E-Procurement Developments’, 20th Bled eConference – Emergence: Merging & Emerging Technologies, Processes and Institutions Conference Proceedings, Bled, Slovenia, 4 June 2007.

  • Evans, C. ‘E-Business Change Management in SMEs: An Initial Investigation’ 19th Bled eConference – E-Values Conference Proceedings, Bled, Slovenia, 5 June 2006.   

  • Evans, C et al. ‘Support Needs for Technology Based SMEs in the European Periphery’, Small Business Entrepreneurship Conference, 4 March 2001.

Grants Awarded

  • Joint lead responsibility (with Prof D.Cahill) for developing the research grant application for the “Winning in Tendering” project. This resulted in an Award of £2.2m from the EU’s Ireland/Wales INTERREG Programme in 2010.

  • Joint lead responsibility for the “Barriers to Procurement Opportunity Research” application. This led to £67,000 of funding from the Welsh Government in 2008.

  • Lead responsibility for the ICPS element of the TESLA Project research grant application which was successful in winning £385,000 of INTERREG IVB North West Europe Programme funding in 2012.

  • Lead responsibility for the Welsh Government Relocation Strategy research application. This led to £69,000 of Welsh Government funding in 2010.

  • Lead responsibility for the ‘Three Counties Procurement Service: Full Business Case’ research application in 2014.


  • Provided strategic tendering support via the Tender Review Service to Dynamix Ltd who subsequently won the category of “Most Improved Supplier in Tendering” at the Welsh Government National Procurement Awards in 2013. Opinion Research Services, a company that has also received intensive TRS support, won the ‘Most Improved Supplier in Tendering’ Award in 2014.

  • Runner-up for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Award 2013 category of “Best Procurement Project” for the Tender Review Service.

  • Runner-Up in the Bangor University Research and Enterprise Impact Awards 2013 category of ‘Improvement in Business Performance and/or Outstanding Innovation’ for the Tender Review Service.



Responsible for development and delivery of a variety of Work based learning Masters level modules, including:

  • Certificate of Tendering Competency

  • Tender Review Certificate

  • TRS European Union Tendering Passport


  • BSc Business Administration degree (1997)

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Development Award in e-Marketing (2003)

  • PRINCE 2 Practitioner (2005)

  • CIPS Level 6 Graduate Diploma in Purchasing and Supply (2011)

  • Fully qualified Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (MCIPS)