Presentations Archive - Procurement Week 2013

The Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies (ICPS) held its second annual Procurement Week Conference in March this year. The series of training events attracted over 250 delegates from all over the world.

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Jane Hutt AM, Minister for Finance and Leader of the House for the Welsh Government

Jane Hutt

See her profile

Frank Brunetta, Procurement Ombudsman of Canada

Frank Brunetta

Promoting Fairness, Openness and Transparency in Federal Procurement. See his profile

Gary Clifford, Director, ICPS, Bangor University

Gary Clifford

Procuring the worlds good and services bric by bric. See his profile

Dr Jacqueline Homan, Birmingham City Council

Dr Jacqueline Homan

Public procurement of innovation and R&D. See her profile

John McClelland, Chair of Skills Development Scotland

John McClelland

See his profile

Mr Justice Bernard McCloskey, High Court of Justice, Northern Ireland

Mr Justice Bernard McCloskey

See his profile

Marta Andrecka Aarhus University, Denmark

Marta Andrecka

How to classify an institutionalized public-private partnership (ippp) in the context of public procurement requirements?. See her profile

Aileen Murtagh, A&L Goodbody

Aileen Murtagh

Low Value Contracts. See her profile

Nigel Giffin, QC 11 Kings Bench Walk, London

Nigel Giffin

Beyond the directive. See his profile

Patrick McGovern, Partner, Arthur Cox Solicitors

Patrick McGovern

The Legislative Transformation Of The Eu Public Procurement Framework : Future Implications. See his profile

Pedro Cerqueira Gomes, The University of Nottingham, UK

Pedro Cerqueira Gomes

Innovation Pathernships Under The Eu Proposals For  Public Procurement. See his profile

Ramona Apostol Corvers Procurement Services BV, Consultant

Ramona Apostol

Pre-commercial procurement - can public purchasers articulate early needs ? See her profile

Sammy Rashed, Novartis Pharma AG, Exec Partner for Corporate Research

Sammy Rashed

Beyond Procurement - Evolving the function to reach it’s full potential. See his profile

Gareth Edwards

Student 1

See his profile

Dr Ama Eyo, Lecturer in Law, Bangor University

Dr Ama Eyo

Work & Study Opportunities within Procurement. See her profile

Dr Ron Watermeyer, Infrastructure Options, South Africa


Standardising public procurement systems: the South African experience. See his profile

Surasit Phromjak, The University of Hull, UK


See his profile

Shaun Jamieson, Partner, Hugh James Solicitors

Shaun Jamieson

Successful approaches that demonstrate the importance of preparation for achieving social value objectives in procurement

See his profile

Ciara Kennedy-Loest, Partner Hogan Lovells International LLP

Ciara Kennedy-Loest

See her profile

Gunther Kostyra, Head of the European Social Fund, Programme at Value Wales, Welsh Government

Gunther Kostyra

See his profile

Jill Evans, MEP Member of the European Parliament, Plaid Cymru


See her profile

Abhijit Das, Head, Centre for World Trade Organisation Studies, Indian Institute for Foreign Trade, New Delhi


Government Procurement Systems in India: Moving towards increased transparency. See his profile

Mary Liz Mahoney, Arthur Cox

Mary Liz Mahoney

Feedback - Where do you stand?. See her profile

Alan Aitken, Carmarthenshire County Council

Alan Aitken

Improving the way we live and work. See her profile

Alexandre Motta, Managing Director of the School of Finance Administration at Ministry of Finance, Brazil


Public Procurement in Brazil.Challenges and Oportunities. See his profile

Anders C. Jessen Head of Unit Public Procurement & Intellectual Property DG TRADE, European Commission


Public Procurement: The market access puzzle. See his profile

Anna Volskaya, Consultant in International Economic Cooperation, CJSC Sberbank, AST (Russian Federation)

Anna Volskaya

E-Procurement – Innovational Development Trend of Procurement in Russia. See her profile

Dr Pedro Telles, Law and Procurement Specialist, Bangor University

Dr Pedro Telles

Careers in Public Procurement. The view from the Institute. See his profile

Ceri Evans, Senior Procurement Specialist, Bangor University

Ceri Evans

Tender Review Workshop. See his profile

Prof. Chris Jansen, VU Amsterdam University

Prof. Chris Jansen

See his profile

Claudio Romanini, European Commission

Claudio Romanini

The Reform of the Public Procurement Directives. "Latest thoughts from Brussels on reform of the EU Procurement Directives“

See his profile

Prof. Edwin T. Hood, University of Missouri, USA

Prof. Edwin T. Hood

See his profile

Ellen Hausel Heldahl, Swedish Competition Authority

Ellen Hausel Heldahl

Solving Procurement Disputes without Going to Court. See her profile

Dr Elvira Uyarra, Manchester Institute for Innovation

Dr Elvira Uyarra

See her profile

Fiona Chew, Health Trust Europe LLP

Fiona Chew

Purchasing Power for Healthcare. See her profile

Prof. Steven Schooner George Washington University, USA

Prof. Steven Schooner

Public Purchasing in a Global Economy: An American Perspective. See his profile

Temidayo O.Akenroye HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

Temidayo O.Akenroye

The Integration of Social Issues In Public Procurement:  Evidence From Recent Practices In Nigeria. See his profile

Vincent Power Partner, A&L Goodbody

Vincent Power Partner

European Union Competition Law Aspects of Bid Rigging; What the Procurement Community Needs to Know. See his profile

Marieke Van Putten, Dutch Government

Marieke Van Putten

Procurement Week 2013. Public procurement of innovation. A Dutch experience. See her profile

Brian Doherty, Departmental Solicitors Office, Belfast

Brian Doherty

See his profile