Procurement Week 2012

The Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies (ICPS) held its first annual Procurement Week Conference in March this year. The series of training events attracted over 150 delegates from all over Europe.

Andrew Lister, Head of Procurement and Logistics - Siemens

Andrew Lister

International Supply Chains: Challenges, Opportunities and Partnerships. See his profile.

Gwyndaf Williams, Supply Chain Manager - Magnox

Gwyndaf Williams

About Magnox and Procurement. See his profile

John Whalley, Chief Executive - Aerospace Wales

John Whalley

Collaboration in the Aerospace Supply Chain - Towards the Extended Enterprise.See his profile

Tim Williams, Chief Executive - Welsh Automotive Forum

Tim Williams

Challenges and Opportunities in the Automotive Supply Chain. See his profile

Robert Meakes, PSL - Cymru

Robert Meakes

BS 11000 the worlds first Collaborative Relationship management  national standard. See his profile

Leah Watkins, Operations Manager - Watkin Jones

Leah Watking

Supply Chain Partners. See her profile

Andrew Denny, Partner and Head of Public Litigation - Allen & Overy, London

Andrew Denny

Public Procurement Litigation – A Comparative View. See his profile

Anna-Marie Curran, Partner - A&L Goodbody, Dublin & Belfast

Anna-Marie Curran

Transparency: A New Religion. See her profile

Nicolas Pourbaix, Counsel - Hogan Lovells, Brussels

The proposed new EU procurement directive: Do the new rules enhance SMEs' ability to compete for public contracts?. See his profile

Patrick McGovern, Partner - Arthur Cox Solicitors, Dublin & Belfast

Patrick McGovern

EU Modernisaton Agenda: Latest Position - Main Developments . See his profile

Ceri Evans, Senior Procurement Specialist - Bangor University

Ceri Evans

The "Winning in Tendering" Tender Review Service: What's in it for you?. See his profile

Alan Aitken, Head of Procurement - Carmarthenshire County Council

Alan Aitken

Developing an integrated and collaborative delivery culture. See his profile

Peter Norgate - Mott MacDonald

Peter Norgate

Soon. See his profile

Prof. Andrew Davies

Prof. Andrew Davies

The Importance of Procurement for Wales and Welsh Business. See his profile

Prof. Dermot Cahill, Head of Law School - Bangor University

Prof. Dermot Cahill

Presents the Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies (ICPS). See his profile

Lawrie Willcox, Capability Development Manager - Scottish Procurement Service

Lawrie Willcox

Scottish Procurement - Simplifying the Process using Best Practice and eTools. See his profile

Dr Jakob H.Rasmussen, General Director - Living Labs Global

Dr Jakob H.Rasmussen

Your Market for Mobility. See his profile

Abby Semple, Sustainability Expert - ICLEI Europe

Abby Semple

Why Change? Sustainable Innovation in Public Procurement. See her profile

Ramon Sagarra - 22@ Project -Barcelona City Council

Ramon Sagarra

22@Barcelona, The Innovation District. See his profile

Dr Sangeeta Khorana, Lecturer in Economics -Aberystwyth University

Dr Sangeeta Khorana

Public Procurement in a BRIC Economy: The Indian Experience. See her profile

Jennifer Skilbeck, Barrister - Monkton Chambers - London

Jennifer Skilbeck

Procurement and the health and social care bill. See her profile

Dr Pedro Telles, Law and Procurement Specialist - Bangor University

Dr Pedro Telles

Competitive dialogue and innovation: match made in heaven or hell? See his profile

Dr Sanchez Graells, Lecturer in Commercial Law - ICADE Spain

Dr Sanchez Graells

Some Thoughts on Public Procurement and Competition, with a View on the Proposed Directives. See his profile

Prof. John Hughes, Vice-Chancelor - Bangor University

Prof. John Hughes

Private Sector Supply Chain Strategies: Opportunities & Partnerships. See his profile

Dr Ama Eyo, Lecturer in Law - Bangor University

Dr Ama Eyo

The Public Procurement Remedies Regime in the EU & The UK See her profile

Nigel Giffin, QC -11 King's Bench Walk

Nigel Giffin

 Remedies in Procurement Law. See his profile

Sion Edwards, Project Director - Mott MacDonald

Sion Edwards

Soon. See his profile

Colin Cram, Managing Director - Marc1 Ltd

Colin Cram

A Lean Procurement Structure fit for today’s Challenges. See his profile

Andrew Croston, Chief Procurement Officer - Fujitsu

Andrew Croston

Procurement Innovation See his profile