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What Brexit might mean for America? US Seminar Series by Professor Dermot Cahill

Earlier this month (September 2017) Professor Dermot Cahill visited the University of Akron and the University of Missouri Kansas City to offer his expert opinion on the subject, 'What Brexit might mean for America'. Professor Dermot CahillProfessor Dermot Cahill


Presentation Overview:


The UK's decision to leave the European Union heralds major challenges for the United States' political and commercial ambitions. US Corporations based in the UK may no longer be able to benefit from the advantages of free trade and the freedom of movement of people offered by the EU Single Market. Many are already actively making plans to move personnel and operations to Germany, France, and Ireland. There are also geopolitical considerations - the UK will no longer have a seat on the EU's European Council, so America's closest European security ally will no longer have as much influence over the largest trading block in the globe; and the UK wants to leave the jurisdiction of the European Commission and the European Court of Justice, thereby abandoning 45 years of European regulation and jurisprudence based on the notion of equality of opportunity and non-discrimination. But there may also be opportunities: e.g., the UK and President Trump agreeing upon a free trade deal, which could mean US chicken gets onto European dinner plates and Europeans get to savor our famous KC steaks for the first time! Dean Dermot Cahill will consider these and many other weighty issues in his seminar. 


About Professor Dermot Cahill:


Professor Dermot Cahill holds the Chair in Commercial Law at Bangor University. A graduate of the College of Europe, the oldest college devoted to European Studies, Professor Cahill is the Dean of Bangor Law School and Founding Director of the Bangor Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies (ICPS).

Professor Cahill is either author or editor of several EU Law books including The Modernisation of European Union Competition Law (Ed., Cambridge University Press, 2004) and European Law (co-author, Oxford University Press, 5th ed., 2011).

Professor Cahill specializes in the Laws of the EU Internal Market, and his recent published work has focused on the interplay between EU State Aid, Public Procurement, and Competition rules, published in the European Business Law Review



Information about each seminar can be found in the attached program flyers.

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Publication date: 8 September 2017

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