NOW AVAILABLE: Procurement Week 2017 Presentation Videos

Procurement Week is an international conference and exhibition that aims to explore the many facets of Public Procurement such as Public Tendering, Business Development, Procurement Law and International Trade. During the week, presentations will be given by leading procurement practitioners, lawyers, economists, innovators, strategists and thinkers. Procurement Week 2017 will bring you the biggest names in ‘procurement’ from around the world, to present and lead discussions on a wide range of procurement topics. Their job is to work with us to address challenging local, national and global issues, whilst proposing innovative and pragmatic solutions to help our citizens.


Procurement Week continues to grow in popularity, with in excess of 2000 attendees from over 45 countries have visited the event in the last 6 years.


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Survival in a Procurement Crisis - Three Golden Rules

Dermot Cahill, Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies, Bangor University

Crisis? What crisis? - A Procurement Solutions Overview

Chris Hoyle, Independent Procurement Strategist, formerly with the Cabinet Office

Responding to a Procurement Crisis

James Foster, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Disaster Mitigation & Adopting Appropriate Processes

Chris Scott, R3S Global Ltd

Critical Systems Failure: Getting back on your feet’

Christophe Frerson & Justine Meni, Blacklight

How Effective are Economic Models in Addressing a Procurement Crisis

Gustavo Piga, University of Rome Tor Vergata

IT Procurement Failures - Recovery & Remedies

Rory O’Keeffe, Accenture

Effective Legal Tools in a Procurement Crisis

Anna-Marie Curran, A&L Goodbody

Abnormally Low Bids & the Effect of Failure

Grith Skovgaard Olykke, Copenhagen Business School

Legal Intervention & Reputation Management in a Procurement Crisis

Chair: Dr Ama Eyo, Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies, Bangor University

Reputation Preservation in a Procurement Crisis

Eddie Bromilow, UKSBS

Mishandling a Procurement Crisis

Philip Lee, Philip Lee Solicitors

Making Best Use of the In-house Lawyer in a Procurement Crisis

Chris Pownall, Siemens

The Robots are Coming...

Gary Clifford, Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies, Bangor University

Social Care Trends

Steve Robinson, Cardiff Council

A Connected Home – Purchasing Services

Henrik Holen & Mark Gates, VIVA

Procuring all the Contents for a New Home

Kristian James, David Phillips

Starting a Procurement Revolution for Social Care

Tony Pilkington & Jamie Eaton, Younifi

Key Drivers in the Future of Manufacturing & Automotive Supply Chains

Charles Toosey, Grant Thornton

A City of Smart Technologies at Home and Abroad

Mikele Brack, UPPlift Toronto

Procuring from above – How the Aerospace Industry is Exploiting the Internet of Things?

Simon Ings, B/E Aerospace

Technology Driven Solutions: A Case Study in Connected Vehicles

Peter Frederick, IXION

Intelligent Automation

Mike Hobday, IBM

Pandora's Box or a Genie in the Bottle? - A New World in Brexit-Land

Dermot Cahill, Bangor University, Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies (ICPS)

The World: ‘Are Procurement Regimes Fit for Purpose?

Caroline Nicholas, International Trade Law Division, UNCITRAL Secretariat

The EU: ‘If We Started Again, We Wouldn’t Start From Here

Wouter Stolwijk, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands

Delivering Policy Priorities: Industrial Strategy, Tackling Corruption and Looking to the Future

Ed Green, Crown Commercial Service

Refreshments & Networking

Engaging The Market

Catherine Johns, Business Durham

Reforming Procedures

Albert Sanchez Graells, Bristol University

Negotiation: How it Could Work

Mike Utting, Springtide


Expert Panel Discussion on Challenges for:

Principles vs Rules-Based Regulation

Advancing the Equality Agenda Through Procurement

Sustainability & Procurement: is it Worth the Cost?

Human Rights Concerns in Procurement  

Chair: Michael Bowsher QC, Monckton Chambers & King’s College, London

Panel Members: Roberto Caranta, University of Turin

Simon Taylor, Keating Chambers

Paul Henty, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP


Sarah Schoenmaekers, Maastricht UniversityDragos,Babes Bolyai University

Andrea Sundstrand, Stockholm University

Refreshments & Networking


Government Procurement Implications for the Global Economy

Rob Anderson, World Trade Organisation

Data Reporting on Government Procurement Systems

Sangeeta Khorna, Bournemouth University

Brexit and the UK’s Position Under the World Trade Organisation’s Agreement on Government Procurement

Thomas Sebastian, Monckton Chambers

Learning from OECD Fighting Bid-Rigging Guidance

Natalie Harsdorf, Austrian Federal Competition Authority

Lessons Learned from  Complex High Value Procurement Problems

Sarah Hannaford QC, Keating Chambers



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Publication date: 19 September 2017