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House of Commons Debate pays tribute to Law School research work

The public procurement research work of Bangor University was paid tribute to several times in a House of Commons debate on SMEs and Public Procurement which took place on June 10 2013.

In a wide-ranging debate which examined the difficulties SMEs in Wales and England are facing in trying to win public sector contracts, several Welsh and Scottish MP's, led by Huw Irranca Davies MP, paid tribute to the public procurement research work undertaken by Bangor University's Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies (ICPS), based at Bangor Law School under the direction of Professor Dermot Cahill.

Particular mention was made of the fact that Bangor research demonstrates that EU Law is far more flexible in public procurement than is thought to be the case. Also, there was mention of the work of the Bangor ICPS researchers Ceri Evans and Pedro Telles which had helped some public sector bodies reduce tender lengths by up to 75%, with consequent benefits both for the SMEs who seek to bid for such tenders, and the public bodies charged with evaluating such bids.

Scottish procurement issues were also discussed, and there were several mentions of the McCleelland Report. This Report (August 2012) has looked at how to improve Public Procurement in Wales. That Report says that if the 16 Recommendations of the Barriers Report (co-authored in 2009 by Professor Cahill and Gary Clifford and Ceri Evans, along with Ringwald) are implemented in full, then practically all the complaints that SMEs have about public procurement in Wales would be satisfied.

Publication date: 11 July 2013

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