The PPACT project (Public Procurement and Cross-Border Tendering) is a 5 partner, €335,000 initiative, that will vastly improve SME access to cross-border public procurement markets, and aims to seize upon the opportunities ahead with the new European Public Procurement Directives. 


The project provides a series of targeted and interrelated interventions designed to enhance SME confidence, knowledge and practical skills to tender successfully for public sector contracts across the EU. The three key ideas are:

1.       Information, advice and support services for SMEs;

2.       Cross-border partnering support services;

3.       Cross-border tendering.


Our target group are innovative SMEs that have transferable products or services to sell/offer to the public sector, in particular to the Smart City strategic areas such as transport, energy, waste management, water, housing, and assisted living, with the following characteristics:

a)      SMEs with high growth potential in cross-border public procurement markets but who are not so   experienced or competent at tendering;

b)      SMEs new to cross-border tendering, who may have already been active in their own national public procurement markets, but who want to diversify and be best placed to win such contracts;

c)       SMEs that have experience of cross-border bidding, but have typically been unsuccessful for a variety of reasons, but want to improve their prospects.

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Publication date: 28 June 2017