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Event facts

November 2017


eBF 2017 Conference: A festival about the digitisation of both public and private sector procurement

To complement the event theme Dr. Ama Eyo is exploring EU Cases relevant to the digitisation of both public and private sector procurement

The eBF festival begins on November 7th with the opening of the TOGETHER III exhibition.


The first day of the eBF speaking programme eBF is Wednesday 8th November. In the large congress hall there will be the ePROCUREMENT MEETING, an expert workshop for public sector eProcurement specialists, while concurrently for the private sector there will be five halls of workshops, seminars and training for corporate procurement specialists. Some of this information will naturally have a universal character and is suitable for both groups of participants.


On the second speaker day (9th November) the roles will be reversed. In the large hall there will be the eSOURCING MEETING for corporate buyers, while running parallel to it in the other halls there will be seminars, workshops and training for the public sector. We expect there will be up to 500 people gathered in all the rooms at any one time. We’re counting on the necessity to make a choice; nobody can do everything.


On Friday (10th November), there will be fewer of us who will nevertheless all gather in the congress hall at round tables for an extended coffee morning with a different topic at each table. Then we’ll say our goodbyes, pack up and all go home.

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